Leather with natural charms
A pure aniline, full grain nappa leather with a fine and compact grain pattern. The young hides are of South-European origin, have a thickness of 1,7 to 1,9 mm and are dyed in the mass. The leather feels  naturally soft and pleasant. Just like silk and cashmere Lotila has a very pleasant touch, but should be treated with care. The pores of the leather stay open and so, in the course of time, a natural patina begins to form to give your furniture a unique character.

Leather category L5 : 259 EUR/m².

Technical specifications

Leather type: 
Dye process: 
Aniline dyed in the mass
Pure natural leather
Grain pattern: 
Natural, varied, compact grain pattern
1.7 - 1.9 mm
Origin of skins: 
South-European bulls
Careful use
Light fastness: 
Sensitive to light, conforms to testing standards